Mesh & Bone Cidre Pomme & Poire


Mesh & Bone

Cidre Pomme & Poire


Mesh & Bone Cidre Pomme & PoireMesh & Bone Cidre Pomme & Poire is a sparkling Norman cider brewed from apples and pears.  The cider blows me away with its 2.5% alcohol by volume. I have never had anything with this little alcohol packed with this much flavor, aroma and character that is so enjoyable to drink. It has rich apple and pear aromas, some spice and a mild funky earthiness and traces of bacon from a malolactic fermentation. It pours brilliant gold with a thin white cap that quickly dissipates. Just a touch of sweetness makes it off-dry filled with apple and pear flavors, traces of earthiness and spice and the pears hint of honey. The flavors are rich, complex yet well balanced. Tannins from the apples boost up the body and provide a pleasant astringent touch on the finish. The flavor intensity is medium high and the carbonation suggests Prosecco. The flavors pleasantly linger. This is something where you want to grab a book, some cheese – maybe an Irish cheddar or a Humboldt fog, a couple of hard sausages or a few slices of mortadella – find a nice park bench and sit with the warm autumn sun warming your forehead while enjoying a bottle or two of this cider. I rate it 78.


Mesh & Bone

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