Meinklang Biodynamic Sparkling Cider




Biodynamic Sparkling Cider


Meinklang Biodynamic Sparkling Cider Meinklang Biodynamic Sparkling Cider (8.5% alcohol by volume) is an organic cider produced in Austria. It has an interesting smell - not quite bacon and not quite smoke with spice and traces of apple. The cider is highly effervescent escaping from the bottle at the first opportunity and filling the glass brilliant gold with streams of rapidly rising bubbles. The cider dissolves on the tongue with a light apple sweetness and light and refreshing flavors that finish with a dash of smoke. There is a kiss of sweetness up front but the cider finishes bone dry. The acidity is medium but it is not puckering. The tannins are mild providing a light astringent touch on the finish but they are not bitter. The cider is tart, light, clean, refreshing, very effervescent, flavorful, and dry to off-dry and it dries a little as it warms. I enjoyed my first bottle with teriyaki salmon, a side of rice and salad. It would also pair nicely with a sharp cheddar and the cider's effervescent is made for soft creamy cheeses. Right now I am drinking it with a half dozen Calm Cove Oysters and the pairing is exceptional. I rate the cider 87.



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