Manoir du Kinkiz Cidre AOC/AOP Cornouaille


Manoir du Kinkiz Cidre


AOC/AOP Cornouaille


Manoir du Kinkiz Cidre AOC/AOP CornouailleThe Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) for Cornouaille requires that the apples come from the area that includes 38 communities around Quimper that meet requirements for hours of sunshine, rainfall, and altitude. There are 28 producers of Cornouaille and the AOP requires producing the cider using traditional methods and 100% pure apple juice. Manoir du Kinkiz Cidre ages AOC/AOP Cornouaille (5% alcohol by volume) in oak casks. Rich apple aromas rise from the glass with a very slight spicy, smoky aroma. The cider is brilliant gold with a mild, very fine champagne-like carbonation that leaves a ring of bubbles around the rim. The apple flavors are rich with an exquisite and balanced blend of bitter tannins, sweet apple flavors and light tartness that make the cider refreshing and thirst quenching. The cider is perfect for drinking in your garden or as a companion for a meal. I really enjoy this cider and rate it 90.


Manoir du Kinkiz Cidre

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