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Crabby Cider


Maiden Rock Winery & Cider Crabby CiderMaiden Rock Winery & Cidery Crabby Cider (6.8% alcohol by volume) is brewed with Dolgo Crabapples and has pleasant layered apple aromas seasoned with mild spice and apple sweetness. This very attractive cider pours brilliant straw gold permeated by handfuls of leisurely rising bubbles. The flavors start sweet and then the crab apple tartness and tannins charge in for a very interesting sweet, tart and slightly astringent finish. The sweet, tannin and tartness work very well together with the sweetness very slightly in the lead until the finish where the tart and tannins linger. Carbonation is moderate and excellent for this cider. The flavors are rich, layered and complex. This cider is a joy to drink alone and also pairs well with grilled and smoked meats, soups and salads. I had my last bottle with smoked chicken thighs and orzo and it went very well. The smoke helps bring out some of the phenolics in the cider and the apple flavors go very well with the chicken. I rate this 85.


Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery




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