Magners Irish Cider



Magners Irish Cider


Magners Irish CiderMagners Irish Cider (4.5% alcohol by volume) is made from 17 varieties of apple. Its ingredient list includes hard cider, sugar, malic acid, caramelized apple juice concentrate, added color, sulfites and light carbonation. It is manufactured by the C & C Group, a marketing, manufacturing and marketing firm of premium branded beverages actually located in Ireland in a large nondescript warehouse complex in a particularly uncharismatic area of Dublin but trucks carrying the cans of cider to port for shipment overseas might very well have have travelled within a mile of so of Temple Bar, Trinity College and other Irish landmarks. The cider mildly smells of apples and the fermentation character smells clean. The artificial coloring and carmelized apple juice give it a brilliant copper cold hue and the artificial carbonation kicks up a brief fizzy white cap. The flavors start with a light sweetness seasoned with apple, baked sugars and a hint of caramel balanced by soft acidity. A moderate level of tannins help the cider dry out on the appley tart finish. The apple flavor has traces of fresh pressed apple character but the added sugar thins it out and the caramelized apple juice concentrate helps mask the fresh apple character and gives the cider a slight cooked falvor in the background. Magners is not a robust drink. It is a little thin, moderately carbonated, drinkable but not great. I rate it 60.


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