Left Foot Charley Antrim County Hard Cider


Left Foot Charley


Antrim County Hard Cider


Left Foot Charlie Antrim County Hard CiderLeft Foot Charley Antrim County Hard Cider (4.8% alcohol by volume) is a single source cider made from heirloom apples grown on Ron Boals' Antrim County Michigan orchard. The cider contains apples, yeast and potassium metabisulfite (a common wine additive that acts as an antioxidant and prevents wild microorganisms from growing in the cider). It has a mild apple aroma with a faint hint of funk. It pours brilliant straw gold with smalls streams of bubbles rapidly rising to the surface from the glass's nucleation points. The cider has good reflectance with a thin ring of bubbles around the rim. A bright apple tartness with a trace of bacon turns bone dry by the finish as some tannins provide a moderate astringent note to squeeze any hint of sweetness out of the cider. The carbonation is medium plus. Everything in this cider works together making for a very pleasant, refreshing and repeatable drink. I rate it 85.


Left Foot Charley


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