Le Père Jules Poiré de Normandie


Le Père Jules

Poiré de Normandie



Le Père Jules Poiré de NormandieLe Père Jules Poiré de Normandie (4.0% alcohol by volume) is a perry or pear cider. Some ciders labeled "pear cider" are an apple cider with pear juice added. This is completely different. It is made from three varieties of pears that come from centuries old orchards in Normandy, France. It is lightly filtered and naturally carbonated in the bottle. Pear with some white wine character in the background lead the aromas. A clean fermentation character is noticeable but it is very mild. The perry is brilliant light gold and very effervescent, permeated with streams of rapidly rising bubbles. It kicks up a 1" foam cap on the pour that quickly dissipates. The pear flavors are complex and layered with more than one variety of pear showing up. There is a mild initial pear sweetness that gives way to a very pleasant tartness by the finish. While pear flavors lead, the perry is not particularly fruity. A mild tartness adds an astringent note that promotes a dry, slightly astringent note. There is no mousiness or oily character to the perry. I am drinking this perry with Kusshi Oysters and the pairing is perfect. The perry brings out some of the oyster's bacon and smokiness and the oyster pulls out a malo-lactic fermentation note in the cider. The perry and oyster accentuate each other's flavors and make a very elegant pairing. I rate the pairing 90 and the perry 95.


Le Père Jules


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