Le Père Jules Cidre de Normandie


Le Père Jules

Cidre de Normandie Brut


Le Père Jules Cidre de NormandieLe Père Jules makes Cidre de Normandie Brut (5.0% alcohol by volume) with 20 different varieties of traditional French apples allowing the cider maker to achieve a balance between sweet, bitter and acidic apples. They lightly filter the cider and bottle it to allow the cider to produce its own fermentation. Pulling the cork unleashes a barrage of fruit, apple aromas and some hints of apple blossom. The apple aromas have a varying degree of ripeness and a hint of funk with spice and a faint trace of smoke. The cider is very effervescent - dry and sparkling - almost like drinking an apple cloud. The apple flavors are rich, layered and complex. There is just enough sweetness to soften the medium low tartness and the dryness and there is a light touch of salt. All the cider's flavors work together very well. The body is light and the texture is creamy and exquisite. More funk comes forward as the cider warms. The cider is light, refreshing and packed with flavor. I am eating a dozen Pemaquid oysters with this cider and the pairing is perfect. Read the Pemaquid Oyster review here. I rate the cider 85.


Le Père Jules


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