Keepsake Cidery Woodskeep Medium 2017


Keepsake Cidery


Woodskeep Medium 2017


Keepsake Cidery Woodskeep Medium 2017Keepsake Cidery Woodskeep Medium 2017 (5.6% alcohol by volume) made with local apples and native yeasts. Apple aromas start strong and then mellow out offering some spice and a mild fermentation character. It pours bright, clear gold with fair to good reflectance. It has a quick fizz leaving a ring of bubbles around the rim. It is moderately sweet and effervescent with a balancing acidity. Flavors from two or three different kinds of apples comes though but the effervescence masks the rich apple flavors a little bit. The cider is refreshing and light. It is very drinkable, flavorful and repeatable. I rate it 84.


Keepsake Cidery


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