Keepsake Cidery Wood & Spirits Series Batch 5


Keepsake Cidery

Wood & Spirits Series Batch 5


Keepsake Cidery Wood & Spirits Series Batch 5Keepsake Cidery Wood & Spirits Series Batch 5 (6.1% alcohol by volume) was aged on whiskey staves from Loon Liquors and in whisky barrels from Isanti Spirits and then bottle conditioned with the next year's fresh cider. It smells of apples with some tart funk and a little earthiness. It pours hazy, fizzy straw with streams of rapidly rising bubbles and a thin ring of bubbles around the rim. The cider is effervescent delivering an earthy funk with traces of tartness to the tongue that starts mildly sweet and gets drier letting more tart come through on the finish. Traces of tannin from the apples and the oak accentuate the dryness. The presence of the wood staves and the whisky barrels is subtle providing traces of vanilla as well as tannins but not overwhelming the cider. The flavors of the original spirits are very faint. This cider is very nicely done, providing a pleasant blend of cider, spirits, wood, and wild yeast character. It is very flavorful, somewhat rustic, and goes very nicely with an Irish farmhouse cheddar and a smoked pork roast. I rate it 87.


Keepsake Cidery

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