Gurutzeta Sagardotegia Sagardoa Basque Cider


Gurutzeta Sagardotegia


Sagardoa Basque Cider


Gurutzeta Sagardotegia Sagardoa Basque CiderGurutzeta Sagardotegia Sagardoa Basque Cider (6.0% alcohol by volume) is a natural cider made with pressed apples and nothing else. The cider follows traditions that go back 800 years, using a blend of acidic apples fermented with yeast from the apple skins and bottled unfiltered. It has a rich crisp, tart apple aroma with some apple skin, a trace of funk and other fruit aromas. Traditionally, you use the long pour, holding the bottle 3 or more feet above the glass - the farther away the better, which aerates the cider and gives it a bit of fizz and then you drink within a few minutes (or in one quick gulp) before the cider goes flat and loses it character. I typically manage a foot or two - one foot inside and two feet outside - and the glass fills hazy gold with a light does of bubbles and an initial fizzy white cap that dissipates quickly. This is tart, petillant, mildly funky and dry as a bone. The tartness approaches the level of tartness of a fresh lemon. There are some mineral flavors in the background. The funk is a ripe to over ripe apple funk with some yeast character worked in. It leaves a tart apple, light funk mildly astringent bone dry aftertaste. This is unique, flavorful, funky, rustic, romantic and incredibly refreshing. Try it with Idiazábal or Ossau-Iraty cheese, a thick wood fire grilled steak, salt cod, fish tacos, tapas, oysters or even fish and chips. I rate this 90.

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Gurutzeta Sagardotegia


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