Eric Bordelet Sidre Nouvelle Vague


Eric Bordelet

Sidre Nouvelle Vague


Eric Bordelet Sidre Nouvelle VagueEric Bordelet Sidre Nouvelle Vague (6% alcohol by volume) is a French Cider from Normandy. It has a best by date of 2026. It has a rich aroma of apple, mild funk, fruit, faint phenolics and smoke. This pours like a champagne with a little more texture, kicking up a 1/2" foam cap that collapses to a thick film. It is brilliant gold permeated by streams of rapidly rising bubbles. It starts moderately sweet with apple, fruit and a slight smoky character. A mild tartness balances the sweet. It finishes drier with a rich apple flavor and a dose of slightly astringent tannins. Apple flavors linger pleasantly. All the parts - alcohol, sweetness, yeast character, tannins and tartness - are on the same page and work very well together. Pair this with light meals, pork, cheeses, Camembert and desserts. I rate this 90.

Eric Bordelet

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