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Eric Bordelet Poire GranitPoiré is French Perry or cider made from pears. Eric Bordelet Poiré Granit, 2017 (5% alcohol by volume - varies by vintage) is produced from pears grown on the French Massif Amoricain in Normandy, a flattened erosional upland. The soil is poor and thin, layered over granite rock, forcing the pear trees to stretch their roots deep through granite seams. This gives the pears a mineral quality. Although the trees struggle in the thin soils they benefit from the region's moist climate. There are over 90 variety of pears in Normandy and approximately 100,000 pear trees (compared to 10 million apple trees). Eric Bordelet has 20 varieties of pears on his property. This Poiré is made from pears from Eric Bordelet's oldest trees and made from the widest variety of pears available. All of Eric Bordelet's orchards (23 hectares - about 57 acres) are certified organic. This Poiré has an aroma like a white wine kissed by a pear with heavy lipstick. It is clean with no mousiness. It pours brilliant gold with a quickly disappearing mouse and a mild sparkle. As the Poiré floats over my tongue, my first thought is oh my - this is like a cloud of white wine and pear initially lightly sweetened by pear sorbitol but then finishes bone dry with a hint of mineral probably more in the texture than the flavor. The tannins in the finish provide an astringent note the squeezes the last bit of sweetness to death. Eric Bordelet's Poiré Granit is world class, elegant, and what I want to drink first after drifting 7 days at sea without water. It is simply divine, the best Poiré or Perry I have had and you must try it if you can find it. I rate it 100.


Eric Bordelet

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