Earl Cidre Le Brun Le Brun Organic Cider


Earl Cidre Le Brun


Le Brun Organic Cider


Le Brun Organic CiderEarl Cidre Le Brun Le Brun Organic Cider (4.0% alcohol by volume) has been produced from pure apple juice and naturally carbonated in Brittany since 1955. The aroma has some tart citrus, apple, mild funk, faint earthiness and a hint of smoke. It pours an effervescent, hazy gold producing a nearly 1" high frothy white cap that quickly reduces to a thin film and a ring of bubbles around the rim that persist. The drink is effervescent - almost cloud-like with complexed apple flavors ranging from ripe to over ripe, tart and lemony with a trace of tannins. This is an exquisite, easy to drink cider that will leave you wondering how they can squeeze so many apples flavors into a glass. I rate the cider 87.

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Earl Cidre Le Brun

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