E. Z. Orchards Cidre Semi-Dry


E. Z. Orchards

Cidre Semi-Dry


E. Z. Orchards Cidre Semi-DryE. Z. Orchards Cidre Semi-Dry (6.4% alcohol by volume) is brewed with French apple varieties using the French method of cider making. The listed ingredients are Frehch apples and sulfites - nothign else. French apples are bittersweet (higher in sugars and tannins) and lower in acidity. The French style pulls the tannins out of the apples and gets the cider's rich amber color by letting the pressed cider sit in contact with the apple skins. The French method of cider making uses a technique called keeving which ferments the apples slowly, depriving the yeast of nutrients, using wild yeast. The cider ferments at low temperatures for 3 to 6 months. This brings out the fruit character and retains some of the sweetness which the more than ample tannins of the French apples balances. Depending on the yeast, the French cider may also have a wild, barnyard character. E. Z. Orchards Cidre Semi-Dry has apple and ripe apple aromas with a hint of funk in the background and a trace of bacon. It is brilliant amber gold with the pour kicking up a 1/2" white foam cap that quickly dissipates. The flavors are apple forward with a range of ripeness and start just a touch above semi-sweet and dry out on the finish as the tannins come forward, providing a bitter, drying astringent note. From the first sip it is delightfully obvious that this is made from apples and not some mix of apple juice concentrate, fructose and sucrose and a variety of acids to provide balance. There are traces of funk in the background but this cider is all about apples through and through. The carbonation is medium and feels natural and not artificial. This is a fine, very drinkable cider made for drinking alone or accompanying a fine meal. I like it with a roasted pork tenderloin, ribs, or thick roasted pork chops. It also goes nicely with fish. I rate it 80.


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