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Dunkertons Organic Perry


Dunkertons Organic PerryThere are products sold as Pear Cider and when you read the lable, you learn that it is apple cider with pear juice added. Perry is cider made from pears and does not have apple cider or apple juice in it. Perry pear trees grow slowly, taking over a decade to produce a usable harvest and can live 250 years. The trees are finicky, much larger than apple trees, harder to harvest and less productive. Pears contain sorbitol which is an unfermentable sugar so they typically are slightly sweeter than apple ciders and have a little bit more body. Dunkertons Organic Perry (6.9% alcohol by volume) is the real thing - made from pears and has won awards from the International Cider Challenge in 2017 and the Winner Great British Food Awards in 2017. Dunkertons is made from organically gown Merry Legs, Red Horse, Moorcroft, Painted Lady and thorn pears. The perry is effervescent - you can hear the glass fizz for a good five minutes after the pour. As the perry fizzes it is very fragrant, releasing aromas of pear, hints of ham and butter, a slight vegetable note and traces of herb and spice. It is bright gold permeated by streams of rapidly rising bubbles that build an initial 2" champagne like foam cap that quickly collapses. The perry has a light haze. Mild sweet pear flavors last from start to finish. There are background notes of tartness, mild traces of bacon and a mild astingent note with a hint of bitterness. The acidity and sweetness are medium plus and the tannins are medium minus. The texture is effervescent and creamy giving the perry a thirst quenching and refreshing nature. Sit in your garden and drink this with a fresh salad or some aged British, Irish or Welsh Cheddar. I rate this 78.




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