Dunkertons Dry Organic Cider


Dunkertons Organic Cider

Dry Organic Cider


Dunkertons Dry Organic CiderDunkertons Dry Organic Cider (6.9% alcohol by volume) is made from organic apples and there are no extra ingredients. It smells like spicy apples, ripe apples, apple skins, mild alcohol, a hint of bacon and faint funk. It pours copper amber with a slight haze and a few streams of rapidly rising bubbles. The frothy white head disappears by the end of the pour. The cider has good reflectance with a ring of individual bubbles around the rim. Bittersweet and bittersharp apples lead the flavors with varying degrees of ripeness and traces of apple skin that give the cider a mild rustic character. It starts sweet and tart and then the tannins kick in adding a crisp, bitter, astringent note and give the cider just the right touch of sharpness. The body is medium plus and the carbonation is medium low. This is definitely not your fermented apple juice concentrate with glucose and fructose. The blend of apples and the resulting flavors and how the different elements of this cider work together make this a joy to drink. I rate it 80.




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