Ciderie du Leguer Granit 2018


Ciderie du Leguer


Granit 2018


Ciderie du Leguer Granit 2018Ciderie du Leguer Granit 2018 (5.5% alcohol by volume) is a Cidre de Bretagne made from pure, organically grown apple juice. No sulfites are added and the cider is naturally carbonated. The bottle tells you this is special – granit means the apples come from the crappiest soils in the orchard with the lowest yield and they are still using the trees because of the quality of the apples. Removing the cork releases fruit and ferment aromas detectable from arms length away. The rich and full aroma has some apple, apple skin, as mild fermentation character, very faint spicy smoke and a faint trace of barnyard. It pours bright amber gold and fizzes like champagne with a quickly dissipating white head. The rich array of flavors make this a delight to drink. The flavors are layered and complex. Although it is brut, it has a light apple sweetness, an array of fruit flavors, a trace ham, some faint smoky spice, a trace of salty mineral, and a light touch of tannins on the finish producing a light astringent note. It has a snappy finish with a long tail that will cause you to pause and savor the cider. The cider is mouth filling with moderate tannins and medium, very fine carbonation. This is an absolutely fantastic cider. It is a cider you will remember and as you drink you will understand why you drink cidre de Bretagne.  This is something you might take along with you to drink in a grove of gnarled ancient oaks with a fresh baguette and some cheese or ham, a secluded beach or something you would choose to eat with a plate of cod or oysters. If you were to spend the day sitting under a tree reading, this would be your companion of choice. The cider maker states that his "Ciders go with everything that you want but never with crêpes." I buy this when I find it and I rate it 95.


Ciderie du Leguer

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