Ciderie Nicol Cidre de Rhuys Doux


Ciderie Nicol


Cidre de Rhuys Doux


Ciderie Nicol Cidre de Rhuys DouxCiderie Nicol Cidre de Rhuys Doux (3.0% alcohol by volume) is a product of the cultural region of Brittany in western France. I went through a couple of cases or more of these last winter when my local liquor store had a bunch of this cider and unloaded them for a few bucks a bottle. It has a rich fruit, apple and spice smell with a subtle note of funk. It pours with a 1" champagne-like head that roars as it dissolves leaving a ring of bubbles around the rim. It is Brilliant light amber gold. The flavors are very rich with a range of apple and fruit flavors and just a hint of funk. It is semi-sweet with a light touch of acid and moderate tannins that give some heft to the body and help balance the sweetness and mildly dry the finish. The carbonation is medium high to high and the body is medium. This cider pairs nicely with pork, runny washed rind cheese and fish. I rate it 80.

Ciderie Nicol


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