The Cider Farm

The Cider FarmThe-Cider-Farm

7528 Kelly Rd.
Mineral Point, Wisconsin 53565

Phone: (608) 219-4279


Deirdre Birmingham and John Biondi set out to create their deam of producing craft brandies and ciders based on American and European traditions in 2003 when they started work on their southwestern Wisconsin farm developing the kinds of apples needed fo quality craft cider. They will soon open a tasting room at Brennan's Cellars (Watts Rd., Madison Wisconsin) that will include a new production facility for their ciders and will feature their ciders and ciders from the cider farmother producers. The tasting room will also offer charcuterie from Wisconsin cheeses and the Cider Farm apple-fed heritage pork. They currently have 9000 trees in their organically managed orchard and hope to expand this to 20,000 trees within 5 years.

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