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Ace Perry


California Cider Company Ace PerryCalifornia Cider Company first released Ace Perry (5.0% alcohol by volume) in 1996. It is gluten free and made from apple and pear juices with Madagascar vanilla, malic acid and sulfite. A sniff up close shows pear and vanilla evenly matched while from a distance vanilla leads with traces of apple in the background. It pours brilliant gold to pale gold with a small, well formed meniscus and good reflectance. The Perry is semisweet with a dry finish. Vanilla, pear and some tart apple fill the initial sip. A low level of pear and vanilla sweetness lie throughout with some medium tartness on the finish. The vanilla aftertaste lingers. It has a light body with medium, very fine carbonation. This is a decent, refreshing drink but the vanilla is a little distracting and the apple cider cuts the pear too much. I rate it 73.


California Cider Company


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