C Squared Ciders Ginger


C Squared Ciders




C Squared Ciders GingerC Squared Ciders Ginger (5.5% alcohol by volume) is a spiced cider made with fresh organic ginger root. Ginger and apple are evenly balanced in the aroma seasoned with a trace of mild funk. It pours bright gold under a quickly dissipating 1" white foam cap. Streams of rapidly rising bubbles permeate the cider. The cider is effervescent and medium dry with a light apple sweetness up front, ginger in the middle leading to a lingering lemony apple and ginger finish. the tartness approaches lemonade levels and there are some drying tannins on the finish that provide a light astringent note. The carbonation is medium high, the body is light and there is some ginger heat on the end. This is a light, refreshing drink with enough tartness and spice to make it interesting. I rate it 78.


C Squared Ciders

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