C Squared Alma


C Squared Ciders




C Squared AlmaC Squared Ciders Alma (5.5% alcohol by volume) is a semi-sweet cider made from apples, apple juice, and apple essence and flavor. It has no added sugar. It has a big apple aroma with some tart notes and a hint of Brett and a very mild barnyard smell. The pour produces a great amount of initial fizz that disappears after a couple of minutes. It is an effervescent hazy gold. The cider is big and acidic with lemonade levels of tartness and wild yeast character. Overall fairly dry with green apple notes and a lambic wild yeast character joined by a touch of barnyard. The cider is dry with a medium light body and very high carbonation. The beer is wild and a little rough but very drinkable. My bottle is funkier than other reviews and may have picked up an infection but it is still a decent cider. I rate it 75.


C Squared Ciders

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