Blue Mountain Dry Creek Hard Cider


Blue Mountain Cider


Dry Creek Hard Cider


Blue Mountain Dry Creek Hard CiderBlue Mountain Dry Creek Hard Cider (6.5% alcohol by volume) is pressed from Blue Mountain Cider's own apples. They farm 15 different varieties of apples on their 1,400 acre farm and with their business partners have access to more than 4,000 acres of apples, cherries, and pears in Washington State. The cider has clean apple aromas with some apple skin, spice, flowers, fruit and a trace of raisin. There is a faint hint of butter in the background that works here. It pours an effervescent brilliant gold with good reflectance. The cider is dry with a gentle lemony apple tartness, a hint of apple butter in the aftertaste lightly seasoned with traces of bacon and smoke. It is not as acidic as many dry ciders and has a very soft touch of tannins to give it character and body. Those new to cider will enjoy this cider with character that goes beyond many of the mass produced ciders while the more experienced drinkers will enjoy a cider that hits right in the middle of their comfort zone. I rate it 82.

Blue Mountain Cider


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