Blakes Hard Cider Grizzley Pear


Blakes Hard Cider


Grizzley Pear


Blakes Hard Cider Grizzley PearBlakes Hard Cider Grizzley Pear (5% alcohol by volume) contains elder flower, apple cider, apple juice, prickly pear extract and naural pear concentrate. Has an interesting floral, apple and pear aroma. As it warms some earthiness and a hint of vegetal comes forward. It has a yellowish pale gold tint. It is brilliant with good reflectance and light effervescence. The flavor starts medium sweet with medium tartness and dries a little on the finish with a light astringent note. Pear and apple flavors are medium supported by medium low tropical fruit flavors and some citrus notes. A little vegetable flavor in the background probably comes from the prickly pear. This cider has an interesting flavor profile and achieves a good balance between the sweet and tart. The carbonation is medium low and helps make this a light, refreshing drink. I rate it 80.

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