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Flannel Mouth


Blake's Hard Cider Flannel MouthBlake's Hard Cider Flannel Mouth (6.5% alcohol by volume) is made from 100% Minchigan late season table and dessert apples. Flannel Mouth has a clean apple aroma with a hint of white wine. The fermentation character is clean with no funk. It pours brilliant yellow gold and kicks up a 1/2" white cap with moderate to poor retention. It leaves a thin white ring around the rim while bubbles gently stream to the surface. Sweetness is medium joined by a balancing tartness that comes in at about MacIntosh levels. Just a hint of tannins on the finish help dry things out. The carbonation and body are medium and the cider is crisp and refreshing. This cider is well made and the tartness, sweetness and tannins all work very well together. Falnnel Mouth is a cider you can drink all day. It would go very well with a plate of sausages or a grilled ham and cheese. I rate it 84.

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