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Blake's Hard Cider


El Chavo Mango & Habañero


Blake's Hard Cider El Chavo Mango & HabaneroBlake's Hard Cider El Chavo Mango & Habañero is a cider made from Blake's apples and infused with haberñero peppers and mango. Apple leads the aroma with strong support from the mango. there is a green pepper aroma in the background and some retronasal green pepper aromas. The fermentation character is clean. It pours brilliant straw with no signs of carbonation with a slight meniscus around the rim and good reflectance. The flavor starts with apple and slightly less mango. The pepper starts mild but it grabs a hold of your tongue and grows as you drink creating a pleasant warming in the belly. The heat is never too hot or challenging. The cider is light, flavorful, refreshing and the apple and mango go well together. While I think the heat is an added benefit, some people might find the haberñero. I rate it 75.

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