Blackthorn Imported Fermented Hard Cider



Imported Fermented Hard Cider


Blackthorn Imported Fermented Hard CiderBlackthorn Imported Fermented Hard Cider (6.0% alcohol by volume) exudes authenticity, boasting that it is proudly imported and it's website touts its reputation as one of England's best loved and best known ciders and it includes a picture of a gnarled and massively bearded Englishman pouring himself a glass of cider. It is made in a nondescript warehouse looking building in a nondescript area of Dublin. Its ingredient list includes hard cider, glucose, fructose syrup, malic acid, ascorbic acid, sulfites, and it is lightly and artificially carbonated. It bears the same relationship to craft cider and the cider making traditions its marketing materials allude to, as canned tuna bears to fresh tuna. Mild apple aromas rise from the glass. They are not big and do not have a lot of character. It looks marvelous - shining brilliant copper tinted gold in the glass under a quickly collapsing white cap and the fermentation aromas are clean. This is a dry apple cider starting with a light kiss of sweetness and moderate apple flavor and then drying out with mild balancing acidity and a light touch of astringent tannins. This cider recalls Billy Crystal's comedy quote from Fernando Lama - "its better to look good than to feel good." Its a pretty cider but it is a little lifeless and lacks character. I rate it 70.


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