Aspall Grand Cru English Cider



Grand Cru English Cider



Aspall Grand Cru English CiderAspall Grand Cru English Cider (6.8% alcohol by volume) is made from sweet (Discovery, Worcester Pearmain,and Chiver Delight), sharp (Bramley Seedling, Grenadier and Lord Darby) and and bittersweet (Tremlett's Bitter, Yarlington Mill, Medaille d'Or, and Kingston) apples. The ratio is 40% sweet, 25% sharp and 35% bittersweet. Since Molson-Coors bought the company their marketing people have taken over the branding and have changed the spelling of cider to cyder and changed the name of the cider from Grand Cru to Premium Cru. The cider has a rich fruit and apple aroma with wine, floral and spice notes and a soft alcohol scent and hint of apple skin. It is brilliant gold from center to rim with good reflectance and a thin ring of small bubbles around the rim. The cider is dry, mildly petillant, with some faint butter notes in the background. A mild tartness - about 3/4 lemonade levels - carries the flavors to the finish where the tannins provide a light astringent note and depth. It is obvious that this cider is composed from a blend of apples that create a rich complex apple aroma and flavor and achieve a balance between tart and tannin. The carbonation is medium low and the body is medium high. This is an elegant, very drinkable, classy cider. I rate it 87.





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