Aspall Dry English Cider



Dry English Cider


Aspall Dry English CiderAspall Dry English Cider (6.8% alcohol by volume) is brewed from apples - half are sweet (Cox Orange Pippin, Early Windsor, Royal Gala, Katy), a little over a third sharp (Bramley Seedling, Howgate Wonder), and the rest bittersweet (Tremlett's Bitter, Yarlington Mill, Medaile d'Or, Kingston). The label also mentions sulfite. The flavors in the bottle come from the cider maker's skill blending, processing and fermenting apples and do not come from the skill of the chemist and the marketing department. The cider has a rich apple aroma and it smells like different kinds of apples but it is hard to pick out the individual varieties. Fermentation aromas are clean and alcohol aromas are mild. It pours brilliant gold permeated by streams of rapidly rising bubbles. It generates a quickly dissipating champagne-like head. The cider hits the tongue dry, tart and apple with some nice complexity, dimension and nuance to the apple flavors. A slight sweetness hits the tongue first balanced by tart and dried out and brought under control by well developed tannins. the finish is light, refreshing and dry. Carbonation level is medium plus. This versatile cider can go with just about anything. I especially enjoy it with English Cheddars, charcuteries, Stilton, mortadella and anything pork. I rate this 90.




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