Angry Orchard Stone Dry Hard Cider


Angry Orchard

Stone Dry Hard Cider



Angry Orchard Stone Dry Hard CiderAngry Orchard Stone Dry Hard Cider (5.5% alcohol by volume) is made with a blend of culinary apples and traditional cider apples (Harry Masters, a traditional English cider apple, Dabinett, a traditional English bittersweet appple, and Binet Rouge, a French cider apple). The ingredients are cider, water, cane sugar, apple juice from concentrate, malic acid and sulfites. It has a light apple smell with a faint scent of smoke. The aroma is medium. It looks brilliant gold with a slight amer tint and good reflectance. The pour produces a 1/2" white cap that quickly dissappears leaving a thin ring of foam around the rim. Despite the use of traditional cider apples the use of concentrates, cane sugar and water puts cider more in the Bulmers and Magners commercial cider ranks than in the grouping of craft cieers. It is clean, technically correct and without flaws except that it does not have the apple character of a cider made with 100% fresh pressed apple juice. The cider is bone dry and has a soft mild tartness, traces of tannin, and the alcohol is mild. The cider is a little simple and lacking character but it is drinkable. I rate it 70.


Angry Orchard


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