Alter Ego Cider The Brute


Alter Ego Cider

The Brute


Alter Ego Cider The BruteAlter Ego Cider The Brute (6.5% alcohol by volume) is made with fresh pressed apples - nothing else is listed on the ingredient list. The cider has a spicy apple smell with a clean fermentation character and light alcohol. It pours brilliant goold kicking up a gorgeous white champagne head that quickly dissipates. Streams of bubbles rise to the surface moderately fast. The cider has the depth and character of fresh pressed apples rather than pasteurized or concentrated juice. The fresh pressed apple juice suggests several distinct apple flavors that give the cider dimension. Mildly tart apple flavors give the cider a semi-dry beginning with tannins providing depth and body. The carbonation is medium low and the body is medium light. The apple sweetness, the tartness, the tannins, alcohol and carbonation all work together. The Brute finishes crisp and dry with a dollop of tannin to inensity the drying. The after taste is clean and pleasant and there are no off-flavors. Try The Brute with a ham and cheese sandwich, a nice Irish Farmhouse Cheddar or a plate of fish and chips. This is refreshing cider with character and not an alcopop. I rate it 80.


Alter Ego Cider

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