Abandoned Hard Cider Classic


Abandoned Hard Cider




Abandoned Hard Cider ClassicAbandoned Hard Cider Classic (6.0% alcohol by volume) is made from an heirloom blend of tannin rich bittersharp apples and apples from select Hudson Valley orchards. It was bottled in 2017. The cider has a lot of interesting and varied apple aromas supported by a mild wine like quality. It pours brilliant gold and is petillant with fine streams of bubbles rising gently. It is crisp and dry with a moderate tartness and dose of tannins that produce a mildly astringent, slightly puckering finish. Bitterness is slight. I am drinking this with Forest Creek Oysters. The oysters has a big Brie and seaweed character which the cider cleanses out. The cider's tartness brightens up the oysters and the apple plays well with the Brie flavors. It is an elegant pairing. The cider is delightful and I rate it 86.

Abandoned Hard Cider

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