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La Mûre


2 Towns Ciderhouse La Mûre2 Towns Ciderhouse La Mûre (6.9% alcohol by volume) is a Lambic Style Cider brewed with marionberries and aged in pinot noir barrels. "La Mûre" means blackberry in French and the marionberry (not to be confused with Marion Barry, the former scandal ridden mayor of Washington DC) is a blackberry cultivar and is the most common form of blackberry cultivated, accounting for over half of all blackberries cultivated in Oregon. Berries lead the aromas wrapped in a smidgen of barnyard funk with some apple in the background. The cider has a sparkling pinot noir look to it. It pours beautiful brilliant purple, fizzing on the pour like champagne with a large head that disappears as soon as you set the glass down leaving a thin ring of bubbles around the rim. It drinks effervescent with some berry and apple up front and some apple tartness on the finish. A touch of tannin in the berries adds a light astringent note guiding the drink to a bone finish with an apple and berry linger aided by some funk and tart. There is a little bit of pinot and a dash of oak. The body is medium light and the carbonation is above average. As I drink the cider all I can think about is what a brilliant idea. The cider gets points for creativity and the wonderful flavors 2 Towns Ciderhouse has created. I rate it 96. I have one more bottle on hand and will pick up another on my next trip to the store.

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