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Sheep's milk has more fat and protein (nearly twice as much) than cows' milk making it an excellent milk for cheese production.







Long Clawson Cotswold CheeseLong Clawson Cotswold Cheese

Queso Añejo Reserva CampoviejaQueso Añejo Reserva Campovieja

Long Clawson shropshire BlueLong Clawson Shropshire Blue

roth cheese paririe sunsetRoth Cheese Prairie Sunset



Montchevre Bucherone Goat CheeseMontchevre Bucherone Goat Cheese

Stinking BishopStinking Bishop

Ossau-IratyOnetik Ossau-Iraty

Tronchetto Al Fiori di PrimaveraTronchetto Al Fiori di Primavera

Port Salut CheesePort Salut Cheese

Widmer Cheese Cellars 4 Year Aged CheddarWidmer Cheese Cellars 4 Year Aged Cheddar


Widmer Cellars Wisconsin Lager Kase Brick CheeseWidmer Cellars Wisconsin Lager Kase Brick Cheese









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