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Valmy Beer Washed

Valmy Beer Washed Door Artisan CheeseDoor Artisan Cheese Valmy Beer Washed Cheese honors Door County, Wisconsin's Belgian heritage. It is a Belgian Trappist style cheese made with sustainably farmed milk, washed in chocolate stout and aged 4 to 6 months in the cheese maker's 5,000 square foot caves. The cheese is pinkish, flesh colored orange, springy and elastic with a handful of small eyes. When you try to roll a chunk into a ball it is almost crumbly. The crust is slightly darker. It has a yeasty, nutty, funky, light baby vomit smell with some sweat and old clothes. The flavor is rich, creamy, tangy and nutty with a delicious buttery finish. Door Artisan Cheese recommends pairing Valmy with a Belgian Ale, Brown Ale or Stout. I am eating the cheese with a Central Waters Satin Solitude - a velvety, satiny imperial stout with chocolate and a trace of coffee notes. The beer and Door Artisan Cheese Valmy Beer Washed Cheese and Central Waters Satin Solitudecheese dance like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire and they make each other better. The beer's smoothness and the cheese's creaminess go together extremely well and the chocolate in the beer works exceptionally with the cheese's butter and nut notes. I sliced up a fresh baguette for his pairing and completely ignored it. The beer and cheese were enough. Absent the Satin Solitude, try this cheese with a selection of cured meats, fruit and nuts. This cheese will also pair well with a sweet to semi-dry mead or cider. I rate the cheese 85 and the pairing 90.

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