Truly Grass Fed Cheese Natural Sharp Cheddar

Truly Grass Fed Natural Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Truly Grass Fed Natural Sharp Cheddar CheeseTruly Grass Fed Natural Sharp Cheddar Cheese is imported from Ireland and is made from milk produced by cows that are 95% grass fed and graze on pasture for 250 days a year. The cows are non-GMO, growth hormone rBST-free and antibiotic free. The cows are also Certified Animal Welfare Approved by the AWG. The label supports and promotes family farmers who raise their animals with the highest welfare standards, outdoors, on pasture or range. The label lists 0 grams of sugar so the cheese is lactose freee. The cheese is aged for 12 months.

The cheese has a rich cheesy smell seasoned by a dash of baby's breath, light grass, cream and mild fund. This is a hard cheese with no rind and a light yellow to cream colored paste. It has a light crumble - you can't quire roll a chunk up into a ball. It has a creamy texture on the tongue with a touch of tartness and bold sharp flavors. The cheese is very rich and buttery with moderate levels of salt. I am drinking a Big Axe Demand Satisfaction Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA and the cheese softens the beer's bitterness and pulls out some bready notes in the beer. The cheese's sharpness and the beer's bitterness work well together with the sharpness grabbing some of the beer's fruitiness and the beer's carbonation cutting some of the creaminess and butteryness of the cheese on the finish. I rate the cheese 90 for it rich, complex flavors and I rate the pairing an 88.


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