Shepherds Way Farms Hidden Falls Cheese

Shepherd's Way Farms Hidden Falls Cheese

Shepherd's Way Farms Hidden Falls CheeseSteven Reed and Jodi Ohlsen Reed founded Shepherd's Way Farms in Carver County, Minnesota in 1994 with a small flock of dairy sheep. They started making sheep's milk cheese in 1998. They moved near Northfield Minnesota in 2001.

They make Hidden Falls Cheese with a blend of sheep's milk and organic cow's milk. It is a bloomy rind, semi-soft Brie style cheese that ripens from the outside in. The paste is ivory white with a 1/4 inch creamy custard-like layer around the edges. Thee aroma is mild with a slight hint of baby vomit with some mushroom, floral and citrus notes. The flavor is milder than the aroma, creamy, citrusy, mushroomy with some light lactic acid notes. The cheese slowly melts in your mouthDisgruntled They Cant Hop All of Us NEIPA and becomes more buttery. I am drinking a Disgruntled They Can't Hop All of Us NEIPA with the cheese. The beer's citrusy hops pull out citrus flavors in the cheese and the cheese's lactic acid notes do some interesting things with the beer's hop flavors. The carbonation cuts the creaminess and cleans off the funkier notes leaving mushroom and nutty notes on the tongue. I give the cheese and the pairing an 85.

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