Roth Cheese Prairie Sunset

Roth Cheese

Prairie Sunset

Prairie SunsetThe Roth family's experience with cheese, cheese making and selling originates in their native Switzerland and goes back a few generations. In 1991 they opened cheese making plant in Monroe Wisconsin - on the cusp of the craft cheese movement. Their cheeses are Swiss inspired but not rigidly tied to a specific style. The cheese is made from pasteurized cows milk and is vegetarian and gluten free and is a little like what would happen if a Gouda and a Cheddar had children.

The cheese is orange with a wax rind and I often see sunsets the color of this cheese from my office window. It is firm and bounces right back from an assertive thumb press. A modest amount of small eyes pepper the surface of the paste. The cheese is lightly sweet, very approachable and easy to eat. The texture is slightly waxy with buttery flavors seasoned with traces of caramel or butterscotch, nuts and a hint of mushroom and meat. It doesn't dissolve in your mouth but it does get softer and show a bit of graininess. I am pairing the cheese with a Steel Toe Brewer's Revolution Pacific Midwest Pale Ale. It is a pale ale with a firm malt backbone and an assertive bitter finish. The beer goes with the cheese like a piece of bread and brings out more of the cheese's butter notes and picks up some earthiness and a little bitterness in the cheese on the finish. The cheese accents the hop spiciness and works with the malt to soften the beer's bitter finish. The cheese and the beer do not get in each other's way and elevate each other a bit. I rate the cheese and the pairing with the Steel toe 80. This cheese will work well with many IPAs, pale ales, golden ales, Kölsches, British Beer, Porters, and malty lagers.




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