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Shropshire Blue Cheese

Long Clawson Dairy Shropshire BlueAndy Williamson, a cheese-maker trained in making Stilton, first made Shropshire Blue Cheese at the Castle Stuart Dairy in Inverness in 1970 and went by the name of Inverness-shire Blue or Blue Stuart. The Castle Stuart Dairy folded in 1980. The cheese eventually resurfaced in England under the name of Shropshire Blue.

Shropshire Blue is similar to Stilton. It is made with pasteurized cows' milk and curdled with vegetable rennet. Unlike Stilton, it is colored orange with annatto, a natural food coloring. Shropshire Blue matures for 10 to 12 weeks and develops an orange-brown rind covering a soft, slightly sticky orange paste filled with blue veins created by treating the cheese with Pennicillium roqueforti and giving the cheese strong flavors. It contains 48% fat making the cheese rich. There is some tang in the aroma with some hints of mushrooms, grass, cream, faint fruit and nuts. Shropshire Blue is sharper and creamier than Stilton and has a touch of sourness but these flavors balance each other out.

The Long Clawson Dairy suggests pairing Shropshire Blue with a brown ale. I have chosen a Brewing Project Almond Joyz Imperial Stout with toasted coconut and chocolate. The beer's initial tart note picks up of the cheese's light sourness. The cheese blends with the chocolate and coconut in the beer and the beer brings out fruit and nut notes in the cheese and also accents its sweetness. They produce an enticing chocolate, coconut, sharp, fruity, tangy linger that works very well. The flavor pairing improves as the beer warms and settles in at an 85.

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