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Clawson Cotswold Cheese

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England's Long Clawson Dairy has made cheese since 1911. It is a farming cooperative and receives milk from over 43 farms in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The cooperative began making Blue Stilton. Over years Clawson has branched out making other styles of cheese. They began making Cotswold, a double Glouchester cheese blended with onion and fresh chives in 1970. It is orange with flecks of chives throughout and has a big onion aroma with nutty cheese aromas in the background. The paste is firm with the texture of modelling clay. It springs back when you press and when you break off a chunk you can roll it into a little ball. The flavors are rich and and melt in your mouth buttery. The cheese has some initial sweetness and a little zing. The onion and chives mix nicely with the cheese and immediately call for a beer. I clawson and headflyerhave picked a Headflyer Unfadeable Pale Ale and the onion and chive pair nicely with the hop flavors and the malt and cheese evoke a cheese sandwich and the pairing gets me thinking about a cream sauce for vegetables, mac and cheese, beer cheese soup or a pasta sauce. This is a pub cheese and is made for beer. A few slices of this cheese on a warm baguette or baked bread fresh from the oven washed down with a pale ale, any IPA with a dash of onion in it or a touch of dank, British bitters, British brown ales and porters is about as good as beer and cheese can get. If you bake bread and like beer, you need this cheese.

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