Käserei Champignon Champignon Mushroom

Käserei Champignon

Champignon Mushroom

Kaserei Cahmpignon Champignon Mushroom CheeseKäserei Champignon (means Cheese maker Mushroom) began making Camembert style cheese in Germany in 1908. Champignon Mushroom is a soft ripened, triple cream cheese made with pasteurized from the Allgau region of Bavaria milk with grade A button mushrooms added. The cheese has a mild earthy mushroom smell with a cream colored soft sticky paste. Spots of mushroom are randomly distributed throughout the paste. The rind is yellow dusted with white mold and is lightly marked by the cheese mold. The cheese melt in your mouth creamy and buttery and coats your tongue and palate with mild Camembert mushroom flavors with a trace of meat. I am drinking an Insight Brewing Wicked Thicket dry hopped Witbier with the cheese. The cheese brings out a little tart in the beer. The dry hopping of the beer masks some of the Witbier flavors I was looking for - especially the Witbier yeast flavors and the coriander and orange peel. The hop flavors do add to the linger and the bitterness does point to a light bitterness in the cheese. Overall the cheese is spectacular and might pair better with a traditional Belgian Witbier, a German Weissbier, Munich Dunkels, Doppelbocks and even a nice Norman Cider.



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