Jasper Hill Creamery Landaff

Jasper Hill Creamery


Jasper hill landaffVermont's Jasper Hill Creamery is located on the Jasper Hill Dairy Farm with its herd of 45 Ayshire cows, a breed noted for the high solids content and small fat globules in their milk. The site also has a 22,000 square foot underground cellar for aging cheese. Jasper Hill Creamery Landaff is a mild semi-soft cheese modeled after the Welsh cheese Caerphily - the kind of cheese Welsh miners might carry in their pockets into the mines for lunch. It is made from raw cow's milk and has a semi-hard, slightly sticky, straw to butter colored paste covered by a grey funky looking rind. It has an earthy cave smell with a hint of baby vomit, buttermilk, sweat and old socks. The cheese is firm and crumbles as you try to roll it into a ball but has a melt in your mouth character. The flavors are strong and bold but less intense and intimidating than the aroma. The cheese has the flavor of salt, some meatiness, hammerheart hokans fatherhoodearthiness, a mild buttermilk tang and is slightly bitter on the finish. I am drinking a Hammerheart Hokan's Fatherhood Edition brown ale flavored with coffee with the cheese. The beer is like drinking coffee with the cheese and the bitterness of the cheese and coffee work together especially on the finish. The beer's brown malt flavors work well with the cheese's butteryness and its earthiness adds some character to the pairing. The cheese softens the beer a little. This is a good pairing but not great. A nuttier brown ale would pick up more on the cheese's meatiness, maltier beer like a Doppelbock would go better with the cheese's butteryness and a lighter beer like a Pilsner would feature the cheese more. I rate the cheese 87 and the pairing 80.


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