Hushållsost Swedish Farmer Cheese

Hushållsost Swedish Farmer Cheese

HushållsostThe Swedish word Hushållsost in English means "household cheese" and it is the name of a Swedish cows' milk cheese made from whole milk. It has a fat content of 26%. Hushållsost Swedish Farmer Cheese, often served for breakfast, is mild and versatile - easy to cut or cube, slice-able for sandwiches, and melts well for cooking. The Swedes eat about 15 thousand tonnes of this cheese a year. The European Union has awarded Hushållsost TSG (traditional specialties guaranteed) protection which is like PGI (protected geographical indication) but is not limited to a geographical area.

Hushållsost is semi-soft ivory colored with several small, irregular eyes. The paste bounces back when you press it with a finger. There is no rind. The cheese is elastic and you can just about roll it into a ball when you break a chunk off. There is a faint whiff of ammonia when I remove the plastic wrap but that quickly blows off, leaving a fresh aroma with a faint hint of a T-Shirt worn for yard work and left in a laundry bag for several days. Despite the smell, this is not an Disgruntled creeperintimidating cheese and is mild enough for kids. This is a mild, but not boring, easy to eat cheese. On the tongue the cheese starts mild, creamy, mildly salty and buttery with some nuts, mushrooms, traces of meat and a light acidity. As you savor the cheese you can tell it is a good melter and would sit well melted atop a burger, melted into a hot dish or onto potatoes.

I am drinking a Disgruntled Creeper with the Hushållsost. It is an American Wheat Ale packed with wheat flavors, a touch of caramel, and it is refermented with pineapple to bring out the natural fruit flavors in the wheat. The beer goes with the cheese like bread and cheese. The cheese brings out the beer's fruit flavors and accents the wheat. The beer's carbonation cleans off a little of the cheese's butteryness but leaves the nuttiness clinging to the palate. In this particular pairing the beer and cheese bring out each other's finer qualities without getting in each others' way. Hushållsost goes nicely with almost any beer, mead or cider. I rate it 83 and after I melt it onto something the rating might rise. The pairing gets 86 and the beer gets 75. This is a cheese to keep in your fridge.

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