Danablu Cheese

Danablu Cheese

Danablu-CheeseDanablu is a semi-soft full fat cows' milk blue cheese made in Denmark. It is creamy white perforated by blue-green to black spots and veins. The soft, sticky paste is almost spreadable with a knife. The cheese has a little crumble, falling apart a little when you cut it. The cheese is pungent - you can smell it from a few feet away - with rich aromas of medium sweat, grass, compost and cream. The cheese is creamy, mouth coating and melts in your mouth with some light sand in the background. It is tangy, creamy, buttery, and salty with a mild funk.

I am eating the cheese with a Half Brothers Classic Golden Ale and an Island City Devil's Cave Oatmeal Stout. I have previously enjoyed it with an Urban Forage Semisweet Sparkling Cider. The golden ale clears the palate and brings out some fruit notes in the cheese while softening the salt and tang. The cheese also accents the Golden Ale's light tartness from its carbonation. While the beer and cheese do not elevate each other to new levels, the beer does its job, letting the cheese shine while not getting in the cheese's way.

The Devil's Cave oatmeal stout brings some oatmeal, chocolate and malt to the equation. The oatmeal stout leads while it is in the mouth but the cheese blends in with the stout flavors and leads the linger to produce a buttery, tangy, funky, salty chocolate, oatmeal flavor that clings pleasantly to the tongue. The oatmeal stout inspires spreading the cheese on dark bread or a fruit bread because the beer's dark malt flavors interact so well with the cheese. The cheese's saltiness works well with the stout. The oats have a slight slickness that work's with the cheese's texture and the oats accent the cheese's butteryness. The cheese brings out more dark fruit flavors in the oatmeal stout.

Both cheese pairings work but the Island City Devil's Cave Oatmeal Stout takes the cheese a little farther. Danablu is a good cheese to pick up because chances are you already have a beer in your fridge that will work well with it. Try Danablu with stouts, Gueuze, IPAs, pale ales, Pilsners, Rauchbiers Belgian Tripels and Weissbier.

Danablu's ingredients are pasteurized milk, salt, lactic acid culture, enzymes and Pennicilium roueforti. The lable lists 0% total and added sugars. Lactose is a sugar so the cheese does not contain lactose.


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