Cypress Grove Midnight Moon

Cypress Grove

Midnight Moon

Cypress-Grove-Midnight-MoonMidnight Moon is made exclusively for Cypress Grove in the Netherlands. It is a Gouda aged six months or more, made from pasteurized goat's milk. It is processed in the Netherlands and sold under the Cypress Grove name. It is covered in wax and has a lightly funky, grassy smell with some goat and earthiness. It is a hard cheese with a firm, dense texture that is grainy yet smooth with a pleasant crystalline crunch. It has a couple of small eyes. The flavor is rich and creamy with a little grassiness, nuttiness and a trace of goat.Lupulin simcoe

I am drinking a Lupulin S & M American IPA, an American Imperial IPA, and a Haymaker Meadery Berks, a traditional mead made with local honey with notes of orange peel and eucalyptus. The IPA pairing pulls out fruit flavors from both the cheese and the beer and enhances the cheese's nuttiness. It makes the cheese taste creamier, nuttier and better and the pairing rates 87. The mead is like drizzling honey on Haymaker Berks Meadthe cheese and with the first sip you realize it is a great idea. The mead amplifies the cheese's nuttiness and also earns an 87.


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