Alloy Brewing Company

Alloy Brewing CompanyAlloy Brewing Company

Brewery, Taproom

2700 Coon Rapids Blvd NW
Coon Rapids, Minnesota, 55433

Phone: 763-432-0939


Taproom Review

This is the farthest I have been out of Minneapolis in over 6 months. It's mid-day Saturday. It's a 20 mile drive from my house. On a good day the drive takes 30 minutes. This is not a good day and the drive has stretched into an hour or so. Its on a frontage road off Coon Rapids Boulevard - and divided 4 lane - and it looks like a repurposed Midas Muffler Shop or a Jiffy Lube. There are 4 bay doors across the front with extensive windows. The building is 5,500 square feet. You pass the gleaming stainless steel brewhouse on the way to the tap room.

brewhouseThe taproom has a capacity of 120. There is seating for at least 40. It is a large airy space with high, unfinished corrugated steel ceilings and exposed ventilation, light gray painted cement block walls, 2 large bay doors on the front and another two on the back providing light during the day and ample ventilation during the summer. The floors are polished cement with a coat of polyurethane that gives them a slight shene. Dark varnished and urethaned wood covers what were once grease monkey pits and provide added warmth. The bar is concrete covered with poly urethane which gives it an atractive rustic look while multi-colored pieces of scrap wood cover the front. The table tops are dark wood. There is a patio out back with some picnic tables and room for a handfull of tables across the front when the weather improves.

alloy brewingThe brewery opened the end of June, 2017. Seven homebrewing friends started it. They used a kickstarter funding campaign to get their dream off the ground. 167 backers pledged $27,391 to make the brewery a reality.

Half the founding staff are behind the bar – Katie Lehmann is serving beer and husband Nick has dropped in with their pre-toddler. She has another one in the oven. Rob Falink, is standing at the end of the bar and and we chat for a few minutes. Steve and Pattie Tschida are also behind the bar. Rob, Steve, Jason Horton and Nick are the brewers and each one has a slightly different style.

It is a warm, cozy space. There about 20 people in the taproom and on the patio and the house is a cross section of people you would expect to find wandering around Coon Rapids Minnesota on a spring Saturday afternoon. As soon as I take a seat at the bar, Pattie, a co-owner, greets me, explains their beer and offers samples. There is a large TV Screen above the bar that lists the 11 beers they currently have on tap. They offer a range of styles - German, English and American - with enough variety to suit just about any taste. I order a pint of Vitro Vienna. Katie mentions that Pattie's husband Steve developed the recipe. He did well. Conversation flows easy. I talk with the bartenders and the people on either side of me. The guy to my left is taking a break from cleaning out his basement and the guy on my right has just had knee surgery and is having a beer on the way to pick his kid up. This is a place to hang out and have a beer. Two or three visits and you would fit right in. If I lived nearby, you would find me here once a week.

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