Wicked Wort Brewing Company

Wicked Wort Brewing Company

4165 W Broadway AveWicked Wort Brewing Company
Robbinsdale, Minnesota, 55422-1823

Phone: (763) 302-9849

Web: http://wickedwortbrewingco.com

Brewery, taproom

Brewery Review

Wicked Wort is in Robbinsdale, a Twin cities suburb I haven’t had reason to visit for a couple of decades since a friend of mine moved out of the city and my favorite garden store closed. From the outside it looks like a place where you might stop to buy a distributor cap or a carburetor. Inside it looks like a taproom over a brewery. An atrium in the middle allows you to peek down at the brewery below and a few bins and tanks stick up through the opening to let you know there is a brewery in the basement. It’s a big space that can accommodate up to 203 guests. There is a bar with two stations along the west wall, a large vinyl covered booth, the restrooms and a small snack station with free popcorn along the south wall and a stage for bands along the east end. Large garage doors across the front allow opening in the summer. There is also an outdoor patio behind the bar. On the way to the patio you pass an assortment of swag for sale. There is an event space in the basement next to the brewing equipment.

I’m here on a Wednesday, around 3 in the afternoon waiting for my friend Greg who has just moved back from Grand Junction, Colorado. I am greeted by Emily – she knows me. We have judged beer together and I also know her partner, Tom Berg who is one of the brewers and posts incredible pictures of himself on Facebook playing the guitar. I start with a pint of Hopfest and ask Emily to prepare me one each of their current growlers. The beer selection - 10 taps - is a good mix with lighter beer, malty beer, hoppy beer and a stout. The background music ranges from classic rock to the stuff that my grandkids listen to. It is loud enough so that you know it is there but not loud enough to dominate. Besides free popcorn, the snack bar offers small snacks and each table has menus from local restaurants that deliver. They have an all day happy hour Monday through Thursday that offers selected beers for $4. On Teacher Tuesdays, teachers get discounted pints and flights. On Wednesdays they offer discounts to North Memorial Hospital Employees. There is a Monday night “Bend and Brew” yoga class and frequent live music after 7:00 on weekends.

On Wednesday afternoon the crowd is mixed. There are a couple of EMTs off shift from the nearby North Memorial Center, a mixed boomer group playing cards, a millennial couple in the large booth, some shoppers resting their feet with a beer, a table of nurses and doctors, a guy at the bar, and a couple of auto mechanic types. About a third of the men are wearing flannel. It is mixed and comfortable and the noise level allows for easy conversation. The beer is good. In the afternoon it is a good spot to sit and drink a beer with friends and in the evenings it looks like a good place to party.

Beer Reviews

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