Charlie Papazian The Complete Joy of Homebrewing


The Complete Joy of Homebrewing 3rd Edition,

Charlie Papazian

The Complete Joy of HomebrewingCharlie Papazian practically invented the homebrewing revival in the United States. He founded the American Homebrewer’s Association and taught and inspired more than a generation of homebrewers. I picked up the first edition of this book in 1983 and it took my homebrewing to a whole new level. The third edition expands upon and updates the first. Charlie provides an introduction to beer and brewing and then breaks the book up into three sections – beginner, intermediate and advanced. He writes in an easy and engaging style and promotes low stress brewing. In each section he describes what equipment the homebrewer will need, what ingredients to get and how to handle them, what important issues to address and what not to worry about. Each section provides recipes and important pointers. Charlie is interesting and easy to follow. A must book for any aspiring homebrewer.

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