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Bee Wilson Sandwich: A Global History (Edible)Sandwich:

A Global History (Edible) Bee Wilson

British writer Bee Wilson has written 5 books on food and regularly writes on food related issues for various periodicals and newspapers. Wilson's Sandwich: A Global History (Edible) is a fun book. We learn that the history of the sandwich predates the Earl of Sandwich by several centuries. We have been placing meat and other bits between two pieces of bread for a long time. Busy at a gaming table and not wanting to leave to eat, the Earl of Sandwich was the first to tell a servant to get him a piece of beef between two slices of bread. His fellow gamblers noticed and soon were asking the servant to get them what Sandwich was having and this became shortened to getting them a sandwich. The Earl of Sandwich earned the naming rights by being the first to order a sandwich. Wilson then covers building a sandwich discusses how the sandwich has changed how we make and buy bread. While everyone eats sandwiches - sandwiches are the food of all people, Wilson discusses how different people and different classes eat sandwiches in different ways. Sandwiches not only make a handy meal, sandwiches fill the gap between meals and take center stage fulfilling appetites at the theater, sporting events, picnics, office and school lunches, and other activities. After covering the sandwich in America - noted for its diversity in names, contents and construction and its regionalism. Wilson gives us a tour of sandwiches and sandwich traditions around the world. She finishes with a handful of recipes of important sandwiches and an appendix with descriptions of fifty notable sandwiches. The book is well written, engaging, and has interesting illustrations peppered throughout. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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